Experience Deep Wisdom Listening with Laurie

Through meditation, hypnotherapy, writing, song or silliness, gain a deeper understanding of what it is to be human by joining Laurie at one of her many offerings in Asheville and the surrounding areas. Click on either of the images below to learn more.

What People Say About Laurie

“I had been running into the same internal block over and over again for most of my life, seeking help from spiritual traditions, self-help books, and therapist with no real, lasting change. After one hypnotherapy session with Laurie, the inner block was utterly transformed. Literally she helped changed my life, not just in my head, but in very real felt sense of inner peace and self-acceptance. Just sitting with her feels like one part warm hug, one part wise Buddha, and one part joyful friend. Everyone needs some Laurie in their life.” – Jackie

“I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend retreat facilitated by Laurie Berry Clifford this summer. Her energy from beginning to end created a lovely container. The depth of work that individually and collectively occurred was impressive due to her loving, wise direction, which nurtured and supported everyone equally. It is clear that she holds an awareness and understanding of technique for elevating the spirit, but, her being shines through even the least of spaces. Do yourself and your heart a favor… treat yourself to a Laurie ‘retreat’!” – Martha

“Laurie is a helpful guide to take me into my innermost world, feeling safe to feel what needs to be felt, hear what needs to be heard, and to discover what needs to be discovered. She is an excellent facilitator of diving deep. She is intuitive and wise, and is committed to helping others with her gifts.” – Melanie

“I met Laurie Berry Clifford in the summer of 2016. She came to me in the way of a Hypnosis 101 seminar. For two days, I was blessed to bask in the gentleness of her sweet voice as she guided the group within to a place of love and light.” – Kim