Workshop Retreats

Upcoming Workshop Retreats

Laurie is holding two more weekend workshop retreats this summer at the beautiful Well Being Retreat Center (grounds are pictured above) in Tazewell, TN, about a two-hour drive from Asheville. Click on any of the boxes below to learn details about each retreat and to register. If you still have questions, send LBC an email here.

July 28-30: Transformation Through Everyday Hypnosis: Discover the Power in You

“Hypnotherapy is an amazing skill, as it helps us work at some of our deepest layers to make important discoveries and changes in our lives. Laurie is a profound practitioner and a skilled teacher. It has made a huge difference in my ability to love and accept myself no matter what. Highly recommend it!” — Jackie D.

Hypnosis is a skill you’ve always had. At this retreat, you will learn how to step back, return to your natural state, and realize the powers of hypnosis that are your birthright. Learn how to activate them for your own well-being and that of those you love.

August 25-27: Writer’s Rescue: Discover the Pathway Back to What You’ve Always Known

In this writing retreat, learn how to get out of your own way. Let yourself realize that your creative work is not about you by honoring the fact that your work has a life of its own. The skill to do this already is within you. You just haven’t known it fully. 

Cost and Meals

Detailed information can be found on the individual Workshop Retreat pages above. To summarize, for each retreat there is a set cost for lodging, ranging from $80 (tent camping) to $240 (private cabin) for the weekend. The workshops themselves are by donation, which can be paid directly to LBC at the end of the retreat. Meals: bring your own breakfasts and lunches; dinners will be potluck style.


Registration information is on the individual Workshop Retreat pages.


“Laurie as a writer is able to weave the realistic sound of dialogue into the fabric of her writing to such an extent that you as a reader are drawn into the story as if you’ve lived that story along with the character.” – Lisa