Video Teachings

A video log of questions and answers. 

As well as answering individual questions by email, LBC responds to some with a recorded message. These video recordings are posted below. If you have difficulty viewing them, they are also posted on her YouTube channel.

May 2017 Recordings

The Nature of Pleasure

Topic: On some spiritual paths there is a practice of witnessing the emotions, perhaps disconnecting from them. In this context, is pleasure a “bad” thing? Laurie gives her view on the experience of pleasure.


On Forgiveness

Topic: It has been said that when we don’t forgive, it ends up hurting us more than the other person. But it doesn’t seem very helpful to “force” forgiveness, either. Laurie discusses this subject.


On the Nature of Anger

On the spiritual path, is it “wrong” to feel angry? A person is processing a traumatic event and begins to experience anger. She wonders if this is “not spiritual.” Laurie discusses anger and its purpose, and how to work with it.