A Love Without Condition

What is it to take the stop signs off the path leading to our hearts? What is it to unlock the doors and to be open and vulnerable to love?

There is a love that comes without condition. There is a love that does not need our human perfection and does not care anything about it. There is a love that fills us, that allows us to be undefended. How can that be in a world so full of defending? So full of the need to protect? So full of the need to hide? How can it be possible to fall into a love that that needs none of those things?

Yet this love fills every nook and cranny—every fractured part of our human story; every aching place in our human body.

How then to open to that love and know it for what it is? Know it for the unmerited Grace that it is? Not based on our performance; not based on our goodness, or lack of it?

It is possible, because that love recognizes itself. It recognizes that we are its own precious creations. It perches on each of our heads a crown of Grace. That love sings a lullaby. It sings a lullaby that caresses each one of us and tells us, “You’re mine, just as you are. Just as you are. There is nothing you need to do to be worthy of my love. So rest, rest in that, abiding in unchanging love.”

As we listen to that voice deep within each of us, the truth of it resonates. It is the truth of our origins, and our body knows it well. As our bodies recognize it, our stories as well begin to feel held, comforted; they begin to allow themselves to be loved.

As each of us in our separate self falls into the one true self, we find ourselves enveloped in that; protected by it. In that place of being held so deeply, loved so completely, even the fears that we have; even the worries; even the dysfunctions; all those things that are so very human—they are loved as well. That loving gentles them, and they too feel held. With that holding, the need to defend can slip away. The energy that it has taken so many years to defend begins to mellow and soften. It begins to allow us, in every sense of the word, to rest.

Note: This blog post is actually part of a transcription of one of Laurie’s Deep Wisdom Listening meditations. You can hear the entire meditation here:





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