Understanding Your Eternal Worth


“Look in the mirror in the morning. What looks out through your eyes is the Divine. What sees its reflection back is the Divine.”

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We sit here tonight, five women in this room. Five unique bodies. Five unique stories. And only one true Self. How does the One express itself in so many different shapes and sizes; so many likes and dislikes; over and over, in unique stories, none of them exactly the same? Sitting here in this room, each of us, although we may have many lifetimes, this one right now is unique unto itself. There is no other like it, and there never will be, never has been. You get up in the morning and you put your shoes on. You may have done it many times before. Of course you have. And yet this time is unique. It has never been before and it will never be again.

How, then, to fall into every moment and treasure it, whether it feels good or it feels bad, or somewhere in between? How to treasure the uniqueness of your own body? What is it to hold out your hands, to look at them right in the moment, to put them together, and to look at the cup that they make, and to see them as full, full of the life that is uniquely yours? And then from that quiet space inside you, to tend that overflowing life of yours. To let it know that it is loved and appreciated. It’s one of a kind.

This is the way the Divine loves the human. One, by one, by one. This is the way the Divine holds the human. One, by one, by one. The Divine loves its own Self; loves its expression in human form. Look in the mirror in the morning. What looks out through your eyes is the Divine. What sees its reflection back is the Divine. So if it has chosen the particular form that you see when you look in the mirror, how then can you judge it? How then can you consider it unworthy?

You do so because your culture has taught you to do this. And yet now you find yourself more and more turning to the truth of who you are. Just exactly as you are. No changes needed. No improvements. In your good times and your hard times—just as you are.

What is it to know this, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes? What is it to understand who you are? What is it to turn to your neighbor and understand who that person is? What is it to see no separation?

How can I tell you just who you are?
How can I tell you that you’re a shining star?
How can I tell you who you’ve always been?
Right now, right now, and right now.

For some of us, it’s a small seed that grows. But it does grow. We begin to understand our eternal worth. It has nothing to do with our human merit. It has only to do with some amazing Grace. And so we begin to learn to sit in that Grace—now, now, and now.

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