On Star Stuff and the Nature of Being

Our bodies change. Our stories change. But is there a part of us that does not change? If there is, it cannot be rooted in any time-bound aspect of life experience. Each one of us is born into this world and each one of us dies out of it. This we know. There never has been a human being who lived on this planet in his or her body forever. In fact, there is no forever on this planet. According to scientific calculations, Earth will cease to exist when our sun self-destructs in 2.5 billion years. That seems like a long time to us, but it’s less than the blink of an eye in terms of forever.

So, if we really are not our bodies and we really are not our stories, what are we? Is it possible might be something more?

Carl Sagan, that wonderful explainer of all things scientific, did not believe in a higher force outside our timeline. No deeper mystery that many of us call God. But he still told us we are “star stuff,” part of an interconnecting weave of life. If this is true, if we are made of the same fabric as everything else, could there not be a “God space” within us, one that is connected to everything? Not just everything that has been created, but to the creative force itself?

If this is true, it changes everything about who you think you are. It opens up the possibility that your truest nature is unchanging. Part of the Source of everything manifested in this world.

Science tells us that all creation is made up of two essential properties: matter and energy. Matter has mass and takes up space. Energy does not have mass and does not take up space. Instead, energy is what moves matter. It’s a simple distinction and it’s how you can tell one from the other. But how did matter and energy come into being in the first place?

Science and religion appear to differ on what started the timeline of creation. Science tends to say it was a random event. Religion tends to say it was a purposeful event. Yet if it was random, you are still made of “star stuff” and if it was not random, you are still made of “all that is.” In either case, is it possible to feel within yourself a longing for your origin? A longing for what’s tucked into the cellular memory of every fiber of your being? And if this is true, is it possible that you are the purposeful creation of your original source and that within you there is a place called home? Is it possible then that there is an actual conduit between your human little self and your original big Self?

If this is true, it changes everything about you. You are not a random happenstance of nature. You are an expression of the One eternal truth. Of the One mystery that brings everything into being.

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