Sacred Lullabies For Human Beings, LBC’s first album, is coming soon. LBC’s second album, Spirit Love Songs For Longing Hearts, follows.

Laurie listens for her songs. Sometimes one shows up in full bloom, dropped right into her conscious awareness. Sometimes the waiting is prolonged. “No matter which way it comes,” she says, “I listen with every fiber of my being. This allows my heart to hear words and music already vibrating in the Mystery. I love my books, short stories, essays and poems. But I LOVE my songs! I will sing them to anyone, anywhere, for any reason. You don’t have to ask me twice!”

Click on each title below to read the lyrics to LBC’s songs:

All Is Well
All My Days
And the Whole World Sounds
Dive Into Me
Laurie’s Lullaby
Hold Me
How Can I Tell You?
In My Mother’s Arms
In Silence Stay
Kingdom Citizen
Oh, The Light
Psalm 139
Rise, My Soul
Small Things
Sophia’s House
Steady Upon the Rock
The Secret of Everything
What Is Arising?
Where Will I Find You?
You Come to Me
Your Pleasure Is Mine

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