Tuesday Night Sharing and Meditation

Picture goes with Deep Wisdom Listening group meditation page. A cairn made of beach rocks sits in silence at the water's edge.

Join LBC on Tuesday nights for her Deep Wisdom Listening sharing and meditation. Through group meditation—guided and silent—we put Laurie’s Deep Wisdom Listening into practice. Held on a donation basis, the group meets every Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Waking Dreams Retreat in West Asheville. For directions, please contact Laurie here.

Laurie invites you to come late and leave early if needed, but always enter and leave in silence. The Sharing and Meditation tends to flow in the following order: fifteen-minute silent sitting, guided meditation, group sharing and reflection, short break, teaching, closing circle and group blessing.

Click here to listen to a guided meditation from a recent Tuesday night group on LBC’s YouTube channel.