Deep Wisdom Listening Retreats

Upcoming Retreats

Laurie is holding one more weekend retreat this year at the beautiful, heart-opening Well Being Retreat Center (grounds are pictured above) in Tazewell, TN, about a two-hour drive from Asheville. If you have any questions, send LBC an email here.

November 17-19: Operating Instructions for Human Beings: Ten Things Nobody Ever Told You

Save the date! This retreat is based directly on LBC’s upcoming book of the same name, which will be released in October. Participants will get to practice the exercises Laurie describes in the book, from brainwave state exploration to hypnosis, with the goal of accessing the innermost part of ourselves where our own Deep Wisdom resides. Registration info and many more details to come soon!

Cost and Meals

Detailed information can be found on the retreat page. (Please check back soon.) To summarize, for each retreat there is a set cost for lodging, ranging from $80 (tent camping) to $240 (private cabin) for the weekend. The workshops themselves are by donation, which can be paid directly to LBC at the end of the retreat. Meals: bring your own breakfasts and lunches; dinners will be potluck style.


Registration information will be on the retreat page. Check back soon.

“Recently, I attended a retreat led by Laurie Berry Clifford. It was a wonderful experience! Laurie has such a sweet spirit that, exudes love and peace. We were led through steps to embrace and love ourselves through all stages of life. I came away feeling refreshed and spiritually renewed!” — Cynthia, August 2017