Practice: Loving Your Body

Each of us has a unique human body. Each of us is creating a unique human story. Yet, there is only one True Self. It manifests as every human body and story. Why then are we not taught to love our bodies and treasure our stories? Why are we not taught that to be human is to be a precious manifestation of the One? Why are we taught that everything is up to the human, and that the human must pursue perfection—must endeavor to get better and better?

Humans live so much of their lives misunderstanding their origins. The human is rarely told what it actually is. There is a great rest that can happen when the human knows what it is—that it is beloved, just like it is. Then, the body can rest. Its story can begin to be full of Grace, for itself and for the story of others. This is a Great Mystery, and yet it is the only true thing.

Right now, as you read this, just sit with what is true. Allow yourself to feel your body, from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes. For just a few minutes, let yourself know your body’s preciousness. Your body came into manifestation some years ago, and sometime in the future it will no longer be manifest. Yet in this current role it is completely unique. Sit with that uniqueness, and begin to allow yourself to understand how the Divine treasures its expression as you; how the Divine treasures your body just the way it is. No improvement necessary. How is it possible to improve yourself and somehow be more worthy, when you are an expression of the One?

Just as you are, sit here and allow yourself to begin to feel that amazing Grace that covers you—waking, sleeping, 24/7. This Grace is not conditional. Honor your body and your story, allowing them to be as they are. The mind thinks; that’s what it does. The body moves. So, allow your body to move if it needs to. And the story of you that the mind is busy creating—allow these things to be as they are.

Besides the body and the mind, there is a third part to the human, a still part, where the human is joined to the Divine and the two cannot be separated. It has no qualities, and yet qualities arise from it. It is always there. There is a great blessing in this awareness because it means to each one of us as a human being that Grace is not situationally based; it is always here.

Move into a deeper attention to that still place.

Remember, the Grace does not increase because we are present with it. The Grace is as full as it ever has been and ever will be, every moment we breathe.

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  1. Diana

    Laurie thank you so much for being you and a part of my life! Everyone needs to be reminded of loving our body…. we loose sight in this rat race world……You are such an inspiration to people.

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