Listening Chair

Listening Chair

Laurie’s meditations come to her as she sits eyes closed and listens heart open. Most often, she does this in her meditation chair. She began sitting in the chair simply because it fits her body. It is portable and she can sit in it for hours. Only later did she learn the genesis of what she had selected from her mother-in-law’s belongings: country doctors populated the family and this was an old birthing chair. Before, it was used to help birth human babies. Now, it helps birth something equally as precious.


Some of LBC’s Deep Wisdom Listening meditations are listed below. You can also find them on her YouTube channel.


How to Fall into Grace

Loving Your Body

Crown of Blessing relaxation meditation

Falling in Love with the Moment

Falling in Love with the Moment. Image of the colors of the sunrise reflected on water.May 8, 2017 meditation: “Falling in Love with the Moment.” Click here to listen to this short meditation (under 15 minutes).



You Are Covered in a Blanket of Grace

Summer 2017 meditation: “You are covered in a blanket of Grace.” Click here to listen to the meditation.



The Secret of Everything


Summer 2017 meditation: “The Secret of Everything.” Click here to listen.





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