Individual Deep Wisdom Listening Sessions

As the sun sets behind a bay, two empty chairs sit facing each other, awaiting the deep wisdom that arises.

Deep Wisdom Hypnosis

Laurie Berry Clifford received her certification as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2004 with the intention of practicing traditional hypnotherapy. Building upon her experience and training, however, she soon moved into a transformative, grace-filled understanding she calls Deep Wisdom Hypnosis. She shares this deeper “take” on hypnotherapy with anyone who is interested, no matter their income level. For session cost and financial aid, scroll down to the ‘Coupons’ link near the bottom of the page.

As an individual practice, Deep Wisdom Listening enables you to access the place inside where your own deepest wisdom resides (discussed more here). As part of a hypnotherapy session with LBC, this Deep Wisdom Listening practice is sped up and intensified. Laurie creates a safe container in which you can journey to those areas in your subconscious where the answers to your questions lie. She doesn’t have the answers— you do. She is simply facilitating your journey to them.

The freedom that can be experienced as a result of the Deep Wisdom Hypnosis process is simple yet remarkable. Things that felt wrong to the point of distraction fall into place with seeming ease. Thorny issues are resolved in a few sessions. Deep Wisdom Hypnosis also helps with medical issues, family dynamics and relationship difficulties. In addition, traditional hypnotherapy, as Laurie practices it, is helpful for seemingly intractable children’s issues. Laurie is one of the few clinical hypnotherapists in the world who can successfully treat individuals diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.

Hypnotherapy has been used clinically since the 1800s as a treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, phobias, nausea from chemotherapy, and much more. On television and in the movies, people who undergo hypnosis are generally portrayed as losing control of their behavior and not remembering what happened to them when they “wake up.” In reality, the opposite is true! You have complete control over your behavior, and you retain your awareness of what is happening around you.

There are many organizations that provide a great deal of helpful information on their websites about clinical hypnosis and its uses. Among them are the Mayo Clinic, the American Psychological Association, and Tufts University Medical Center (which employs a Clinical Hypnosis Consultation Service).

Waking Dreams Retreat is an ideal place to stay and heal. If you would like to know more about how Laurie can help you or someone you love, please send her a message here.

Visit Laurie’s YouTube channel to find audio and video recordings of Deep Wisdom Listening group sessions, as well as guided meditations. This will give you an example of how she gently helps each person begin the journey to his or her subconscious.

LBC allots two hours for private sessions. Her session price is $150 but she is happy to lower it based on an individual client’s circumstances and need.

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To inquire about how Deep Wisdom Hypnosis might benefit you or someone you know, or to schedule a session, please contact LBC by clicking here.