Practice: Making Space for Gratitude and Love

**This blog post contains a meditation Laurie gave during the summer of 2017. The full transcription is below.**

We sit here in this room tonight, each one of us sitting in a precious human body. What are the barriers to gratitude for this human body that each one of us has for a little while?

We sit here and allow ourselves to pay attention to the barriers that arise, welcoming each one of those barriers. They have something to teach us. They have something to teach us about resistance and how draining that is to the body. These bodies that do their best to serve us—how is it that we want them to be different than they are? And so, just for these few minutes, each of us can allow that precious human body to be as it is; to consciously and unconsciously begin to unpack that suitcase full of expectations that we carry around. Almost as if each one of us could visualize that suitcase, open it up, and literally begin to unpack it, all those judgments in that suitcase.

All those judgments are ones that arose through specific circumstances. They had reason to be in that suitcase. They as well do not need to be judged. They only need to be thanked and set free. Somehow, they served us when they first came. Those judgments now can be allowed to begin to experience something called Love. This is not a human love. This is the Love of the One Thing that expresses as everything in this room and everyone in this room. Somehow, those things in that suitcase with the lid always closed feel themselves hidden away from love. But there are no barriers, in truth—no human construct that can keep even our judgments from love.

So we sit here together, and for just these few minutes, each one of us in our own way, as we are able, allow that love to cover the judgments of our bodies, to hold and to heal them. And what now the judgments of the stories that we create, throughout the day, throughout the night; the human story each one of us is busy constructing? What about the judgments of that? How do those judgments soften? We look for perfection in our stories even more than we do in our bodies. This is our culture that we search. The search for human perfection in our stories leads away from the joy of knowing that we are loved and accepted just as we are; that the Divine expressing as us somehow disapproves of us, somehow wants us to have a better story. We look around. We think other people have better stories. Why don’t we?

Yet the Divine has only compassion. Compassion for itself as human. If it has chosen to express itself in these various ways, its purpose is to make everything whole. But we’re like babies, covering our heads with a blanket and thinking that no one can see us, as if the One True Thing somehow can’t see us just as we are. Just as we are expressing now.

So, for this little slice of time, right here, right now, sitting in these human bodies, having very human stories, open ourselves up just a little bit to the Love that is already here, to what loves us, loves the tops of our heads, each individual forehead, the way our eyes are uniquely this one expression, moving down through each of our features, all the way from the top of our head moving down to the tips of the toes.

Begin to allow ourselves to hear within ourselves that, “You—you, this one expression, I love you just as you are. I don’t need you to be different.” Think about how much time, as you review the years, just letting them appear within you as they will, as those years begin to feel themselves in your body, how much of that time in each of those years rested in an open awareness that you are loved, that you are beautiful, that you are tender, that you are small, and that Grace holds you every moment.

And if there are, as in most human beings, great stretches of time where that love and acceptance has not been felt, always been there, but the human often does not allow itself to feel that, if there have been long stretches of time where that love and acceptance from the Divine has not been able to be felt in the human body or human story, perhaps the time is now to walk out of the darkness and into the amazing light of what is actually true.

What is it then to fall into Grace, moment by moment? What is it to begin not needing all the barriers to Love? What is it to let them go naturally, and easily, and with good humor? Nothing, not even those barriers, is immune to Love.

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One thought on “Practice: Making Space for Gratitude and Love

  1. Barbara

    This Truth is being available to the Mystery, the Divine, the Love Spark within each of us. Just before reading this, I read Thomas Merton’s great awakening one day in Louisville,
    Ky. The two coincide with my experience of being loved by my dear husband, John and by our happy poodle mix. She keeps me connected to the great Love.
    I am blessed to have these affirmations and this knowledge.

    Thanks Laurie Berry Clifford.
    You are a wondrous diamond. I miss seeing you at Jubilee.

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