What Is Deep Wisdom Listening?

As the sun sets behind a bay, two empty chairs sit facing each other, awaiting the deep wisdom that arises.

There is a deep wisdom within you. What stops you from knowing it? This deep wisdom is your birthright. It is there by definition. What clouds your human senses then and prevents them from accessing this wisdom or even being aware that it exists?

Every human being is “born awake.” Born knowing his or her origin. You are born awake and then, you forget. This is not surprising and it’s not an accident. The forgetting is purposeful. It is built into your brain structure. To a greater or lesser degree, all of us forget our origin. The rest of your human life then becomes about remembering. Re-membering.

How do you re-member yourself? You learn to listen. Not with the critical thinking mind from which words originate. Not even with the emotional feeling mind, from which meaning originates. But from the deepest space within you. The place that is not personal to your body or your story.

The fact that deep wisdom comes not from the personal is exceedingly good news. It means that this most essential aspect of your human life does not reside in your body (which changes) or in your story (which changes), but in that third part of your triune self. It resides in the quiet space that has no qualities, but from which all qualities originate. There are many names throughout the globe for this “quiet space.” Some call it “God.” Another name is “The One.”

How do you drop below the busy-ness of your body and below the chatter of your story, then? It cannot have anything essential to do with halting your body or stopping your story. Both are impossible. Both continue as long as you have breath. The “dropping” down below the busy-ness of your body and the chatter of your story is a matter of “falling,” actually. Falling into an ever-expanding well of grace. This Grace is not personal to us as human beings and yet it is expansive. As it expands within you, it begins to re-member. Re-member everything within you and everything without you.

As a result of this expansion, Deep Wisdom Listening can be felt within you as a simple, natural state of awareness. It has no agenda. No longer are you listening for “my” needs to be met or for “me” to become a better person. No longer is there anything for you to “gain” or to “lose.” It is simply listening for listening’s sake. The rest follows, as it will.

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One thought on “What Is Deep Wisdom Listening?

  1. Liz

    I have been twice to your Deep Wisdom Listening Group and I just want to say how amazed I am at the deep peace I feel. I go to a place of such deep stillness, and so quickly. It is like a falling AND an expanding. In your blog post here you say that it’s like falling into an expanding well of Grace. I was wondering how I could feel like I was falling and expanding at the same time. Now it makes sense! 🙂 Thank you so much for helping me connect to this deep, beautiful place inside me.

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