“Thomas Merton meets Oliver Sacks.” Laurie’s newest release is Operating Instructions For Human Beings: Ten Things Nobody Ever Told You (nonfiction). It has just been released and is available for purchase on What are the 10 Things? Click here to find out, and read about Thing #3: What Is Your Subconscious Mind? 


Laurie was recently interviewed on the Asheville FM radio program “Living Well” with Dr. Bob Hanna. Click the white “Play” button below to listen to this engaging interview, in which Laurie discusses “Operating Instructions,” the true nature of our feelings, the power of the subconscious, and what it feels to be awake and alive! (The interview is also available on Dr. Bob Hanna’s website, here.)


Laurie’s most recent titles also include Minnow Creek (fiction) and Jordan’s Road: The Way of the Spirit in the Hard Things (nonfiction), which were published in 2016.


In the 1980s, LBC was a much-beloved author of ‘tween books, and her funny, poignant series about the PepperMint Gang was wildly successful. The children who read those books, now all grown up, still remember them as being an important part of their lives. Curious to know more? Click on the link below to read the story behind the story of Laurie Berry Clifford, the author with two publishing careers.


Laurie’s Publishing Career