Beyond This Sprinkle of Time

Time-lapse image of a lit sparkler in the midst of a field of green stalks, with sprinkles of sparks flying all around.

Go beyond bravery, walking resolutely
into the remainder of your storyline.
Allow ego to slip away, unmourned.
Focus only on the Grace
present within each moment.
Live where Grace multiplies,
where two and two no longer equal four.
Find that nothing is as it seems to be
from an outside perspective.
Know the only thing that matters is Truth
held captive deep within the heart.
Follow without hesitation when Spirit whispers,
“Now.” Understand it does not matter
where the bread crumbs lead. Fall quickly then—
fall into a Love beyond this sprinkle of time.

Laurie Berry Clifford
(Copyright 2016)

One thought on “Beyond This Sprinkle of Time

  1. Aliyah Schick

    Laurie! I LOVE this! Every line is a gem. Thank you for a lovely finish to a delight-filled day.

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