Time-lapse image of a lit sparkler in the midst of a field of green stalks, with sparks flying all around.

Where do you need to find Grace in your life right now? Perhaps for a specific situation, or simply for your life in general? What are your struggles? Where do you need hope? Where do you need insight and strength? Maybe it is in your relationship with your partner, yourself, your work or your family. Maybe it’s problems with a core emotion or belief. Maybe it’s simply finding the right next step for your life.

Our feature “Ask LBC” allows you to contact Laurie directly with your questions, whatever the need may be. Submit your question below, and Laurie will send a response via email.

If you would like a more personal, in-depth response, Laurie offers what she calls “Online Deep Wisdom Listening Sessions,” in which she answers your questions in a video that she emails to you. She charges a small fee. Click here for more details.