A Question to Ponder

What are you doing with your precious human life? Trashing it, parking it, calling a tow truck, or looking for an opening?

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2 thoughts on “A Question to Ponder

  1. Ima Hug

    Trashing it; Guilty for most of my life and now it’s difficult to turn those bad habits around. However; I am working on it.
    Parking it: That is necessary for remaining sane and taking care of oneself. Sometimes I park too long.
    Calling a tow truck; I haven’t had to do that lately, but there were a few times I had to get myself to the “Repair Shop.”
    Looking for an opening; Always, openings for forward movement, learning new things, opportunities to serve and be served.

    Thanks Laurie for the opportunity to reflect and respond. Love you and miss you terribly. Jubilee isn’t the same without you.

  2. Constance E LEininger

    Yes,, all those things ~ parking, looking for an opening, wondering about repairs
    Glad for the journey. Grateful for the engine.

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