There is a deep wisdom within you. What stops you from knowing it?

Laurie Berry Clifford: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nondual Teacher and Deep Wisdom Listener

My Father’s Divine Deception

I’ve been thinking about my father. The one who had my little children believing their brains were in their tummies…until they were old enough to figure out the brains-in-tummies story was just an excuse for Grandpa’s waistline. The one with the alligator in his pocket, with jaws as strong as a grown man’s fingers, that […]

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Growing Out My Hair

So here’s the thing. My head has been buzzed long enough that I don’t really remember myself with hair. Just so you know what I mean by a buzzed head: I mean a fraction of an inch to bald. Just so you know how to picture me: I am 5’4″ and have a wonderful little […]

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As the sun sets behind a bay, two empty chairs sit facing each other, awaiting the deep wisdom that arises.

What Is Deep Wisdom Listening?

There is a deep wisdom within you. What stops you from knowing it? This deep wisdom is your birthright. It is there by definition. What clouds your human senses then and prevents them from accessing this wisdom or even being aware that it exists? Every human being is “born awake.” Born knowing his or her […]

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The Miracle of Just Be-ing

Once in a while, something sparks your imagination and never lets go. Fifty-some years later, I can still close my eyes and see my feet as they step onto the monastery grounds. Five years ago, as I was writing Minnow Creek, I had the privilege of translating O Llama de Amor Viva!, a poem by […]

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