There is a deep wisdom within you. What stops you from knowing it?

Laurie Berry Clifford

Your Inner World of Time Travel

Certain things can bring you instantly into your now. A baby’s cry. An amazing sunset. A first kiss. If you are a skilled time-traveler, though, you can avoid the full impact of even these primal events. Not that you don’t experience any of it. But you aren’t fully conscious of the moment because you’ve been […]

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A Love Without Condition

What is it to take the stop signs off the path leading to our hearts? What is it to unlock the doors and to be open and vulnerable to love? There is a love that comes without condition. There is a love that does not need our human perfection and does not care anything about […]

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Understanding Self Sabotage

“Patterns of self sabotage begin when we are little, when we don’t have the tools to know how to protect ourselves.” In this video blog, Laurie talks about how we sabotage ourselves. The reasons behind it may not be what you think! The video is about 7 minutes long. To view, just click the white […]

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As the sun sets behind a bay, two empty chairs sit facing each other, awaiting the deep wisdom that arises.

What Is Deep Wisdom Listening?

There is a deep wisdom within you. What stops you from knowing it? This deep wisdom is your birthright. It is there by definition. What clouds your human senses then and prevents them from accessing this wisdom or even being aware that it exists? Every human being is “born awake.” Born knowing his or her […]

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Time-lapse image of a lit sparkler in the midst of a field of green stalks, with sprinkles of sparks flying all around.

Beyond This Sprinkle of Time

Go beyond bravery, walking resolutely into the remainder of your storyline. Allow ego to slip away, unmourned. Focus only on the Grace present within each moment. Live where Grace multiplies, where two and two no longer equal four. Find that nothing is as it seems to be from an outside perspective. Know the only thing […]

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