There is a deep wisdom within you. What stops you from knowing it?

Laurie Berry Clifford: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nondual Teacher and Deep Wisdom Listener

Practice: Falling into Grace

How do you fall into Grace? Perhaps we could talk first about why it is, or how it is, that you don’t fall into Grace. Grace is everywhere. In our society, we are taught that it’s not—that it’s something special; that there are x, y, and z ways to get there; that there is not […]

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Practice: Loving Your Body

Each of us has a unique human body. Each of us is creating a unique human story. Yet, there is only one True Self. It manifests as every human body and story. Why then are we not taught to love our bodies and treasure our stories? Why are we not taught that to be human is […]

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“Crown of Blessing” Relaxation Meditation

What is it to hear the Divine say, “I love you, and I treasure you beyond measure, just as you are”? What is it to listen for a moment to the sounds; to the words beyond words; to the Great Mystery? What is it at the same time not to judge the mind; to let it think whatever it thinks? To […]

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Deep Relaxation Meditation for Your Whole Body

Find a quiet space, turn down the lights, light a candle and listen to this deeply relaxing meditation. Laurie’s soothing voice helps you focus your attention on each part of your body, bringing you to rest in the awareness of your deepest Self. This is the perfect meditation to help your body prepare for sleep. […]

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Our Changeless Nature in a Changing World

I operate from a model that human beings are “triune” beings. That means there are three parts to you. Most likely, wherever you are right now, you have a good idea of what your body is. You’re sitting down on it; you’re looking around in it. Pinch yourself; you’re going to feel it. That’s your body—not much argument about […]

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Being Human Is Not a Precision Experience

Who are you? In any moment of time, you are your little self, living in a human body and creating a human story. And you also are your big Self, experiencing life in a human body and through a human story. The basic difference? Your little self is personal. The big Self is not. Another […]

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